From Concept to Final Product 

The teddy bear ring case


The task was to create a feminine, playful piece for women. I chose the concept of toys, being careful to don't fall into an image that would look for children, but for women. Why not to make a designed piece of a toy with diamonds! The concept was accepted inmediately. Several sketches just as a quick presentation in the initial phase, then, the next step was to translate the sketches into a CAD image.


Once the CAD file had been created, a rendering was presented to the customer for a better appreciation of the design. Before the casting process, the file was 3D printed for review and last corrections. Once is approved, it was cast in 14K Rose Gold, the diamonds and rubies set and ring highly polished.


If you have a piece in mind that would like to produce, I can help you in the development process to make it happen, the result will be a unique piece, created  and designed by you!

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