Illustration...another passion


One of Veronica's big passions is Illustrating. She enjoys the full process of designing a piece for a customer starting with a sketch, then transform it into a rendering. For Veronica, It is very rewarding seeing the customer's happiness when she realizes her piece is becoming alive little by little.


After the final rendering is approved, the piece can be developed in CAD or wax carving for production. 

With inspiration from the natural world, and passion for art and beauty, Veronica seeks to create gracious and elegant pieces of jewelry, that will inspire happiness, elegance and comfort for the person who wears them. Veronica uses precious metals,  precious and semiprecious stones to create pieces that are contemporary and elegant. 

Veronica has lived much of her life in Mexico, where she was exposed for first time to the jewelry world while watching her grandfather creating jewelry at his jewelry store. This background helped her explore and develop her unique style in her career as a Designer. In her time in Mexico she studied Graphic Design and the Visual Arts.

Later, while living in the United States, she continued her fine arts education into her developing jewelry career. Event
ually she graduated as a Goldsmith from Revere Academy, and Jewelry Design Technology at GIA, then continued her exploration in Design, Rendering and other techniques with the Masters of Jewelry in Italy and United States.

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